Search engine optimization is a very important part of online marketing. Whether one has a blog, an e-commerce store, or an information-based site; search engine optimization should be a top priority.

These four free tools will help webmasters develop an SEO plan, and track their progress.

SEO for Firefox

SEO for Firefox, a browser plugin by, is a time-saving tool for the Firefox browser. When conducting web searches with Google or Yahoo this plugin will show a variety of information right on the search results page.

Information pulled includes the listing’s page rank, age of the page, the number of links in Yahoo, how many people are subscribed via Bloglines, the Alexa ranking, and many other items that are useful for market research.

SEO for Firefox also shows links to keyword research tools at the top of the search results page. These tools include Google Trends, SEO Book Keyword Research Tool, and Google Traffic estimator, among others.

Strongest Pages

The Strongest Pages tool shows the top 100 strongest pages on any domain. The pages shown are based upon their search engine rankings and the number of links pointing to it. This helps give insight into what pages are the strongest in the eyes of search engines.

Webmasters must be a member of in order to use this tool. Basic registration is free.

SEO Ranking Checker

SEO Ranking Checker is another free tool available to members. This tool allows the user to find out where a particular site ranks for a specific search engine term.

Simply enter the search term, the URL, and choose a search engine and the tool will display where the term ranks. If the particular URL does not rank for the term, that will be displayed as well.

SEO Ranking Checker can be used as a progress report for SEO activities.

Link Popularity Tool

Link popularity is an important part of achieving high search engine rankings. It is generally accepted that the more quality links a website, or page of a website has, the better rankings it will achieve.

The Link Popularity Tool from helps users determine how many links a URL has as determined by Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

The free tool allows five searches per hour. For $4.95 per month users can have access to a Gold Account which includes unlimited searches and access to a host of other SEO tools.

These free SEO tools make a nice addition to any webmaster’s arsenal; not just for their own websites, but for researching the competition as well.

SEO Audit Tool

If your looking to do a audit, then check out this Free SEO Audit tool.