Enjoy Greater Web Traffic With Ease

The world is completely covered by the internet communication and it connects everything in the world with an invisible but stronger web. Therefore, it is the duty of the individuals present over here to utilise the resource of internet space with brilliance in order to stay in the trend. This is the reason why people are having their own official websites for products and SEO services in order to reach the people. The internet sites offer the option of reaching the entire world with the help of a single screen and this helps them to run their business with a lot of profit.

So in order to get more number of customers for your firm you may need to establish a decent website in the online space. However, many think that getting the sales hike is very easy after establishing the website. However, if you know some facts then it would force you to see things in different light. Increasing the traffic is very important for anyone to make his or her products or services popular. However, in the online space, people can find a lot of website just similar to your one and so you need to do something unique in order to get your own place. The thing that you can do is search engine optimisation. Before signing into these kinds of techniques, you may need to know what it is and how it works for you.

Search Engine Optimisation

In the internet space, people used to search for their requirements using certain keywords with the help of a search engine like Google. The search engine in turn produces a good list of results relating to the keyword entered by the individual in the search box and you need to have your website in the top of the list in order to get more number of customers. For this purpose, you may need to get the advice of search engine optimisation experts who work in the area of bringing your site in the top of list without paying the search engine. You can find Brisbane SEO services for bringing your website into the lime light without even paying the money for the search engine or any other kind of firms in this matter.

However, it is always safe to follow the white hat techniques so that you cannot face any kind of legal action against your site. If found of doing black hat seo that there are chances for the search engine to block your site thus making the future of your site so dark that you can expect. However, at the same time there are lot of advantages of seo and let me explain them in brief in order to help the individuals to decode in the right manner here.

Advantages of SEO

  • It saves you lot of money as there is no need to spend for advertisements.
  • You can find yourself in the top of the list within a short period.
  • You can get a huge profit by increased sales.

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Free SEO Tools

Search engine optimization is a very important part of online marketing. Whether one has a blog, an e-commerce store, or an information-based site; search engine optimization should be a top priority.

These four free tools will help webmasters develop an SEO plan, and track their progress.

SEO for Firefox

SEO for Firefox, a browser plugin by, is a time-saving tool for the Firefox browser. When conducting web searches with Google or Yahoo this plugin will show a variety of information right on the search results page.

Information pulled includes the listing’s page rank, age of the page, the number of links in Yahoo, how many people are subscribed via Bloglines, the Alexa ranking, and many other items that are useful for market research.

SEO for Firefox also shows links to keyword research tools at the top of the search results page. These tools include Google Trends, SEO Book Keyword Research Tool, and Google Traffic estimator, among others.

Strongest Pages

The Strongest Pages tool shows the top 100 strongest pages on any domain. The pages shown are based upon their search engine rankings and the number of links pointing to it. This helps give insight into what pages are the strongest in the eyes of search engines.

Webmasters must be a member of in order to use this tool. Basic registration is free.

SEO Ranking Checker

SEO Ranking Checker is another free tool available to members. This tool allows the user to find out where a particular site ranks for a specific search engine term.

Simply enter the search term, the URL, and choose a search engine and the tool will display where the term ranks. If the particular URL does not rank for the term, that will be displayed as well.

SEO Ranking Checker can be used as a progress report for SEO activities.

Link Popularity Tool

Link popularity is an important part of achieving high search engine rankings. It is generally accepted that the more quality links a website, or page of a website has, the better rankings it will achieve.

The Link Popularity Tool from helps users determine how many links a URL has as determined by Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

The free tool allows five searches per hour. For $4.95 per month users can have access to a Gold Account which includes unlimited searches and access to a host of other SEO tools.

These free SEO tools make a nice addition to any webmaster’s arsenal; not just for their own websites, but for researching the competition as well.

SEO Audit Tool

If your looking to do a audit, then check out this Free SEO Audit tool.


Google, Web Design and Search Engines 101

With the internet a reality of the 21st Century, any beginner can jump into the fray with no web experience, realizing that a website can be changed almost instantly.

Any business, whether bricks and mortar or super high tech has no excuse for not having a website. The reality is that web design software is relatively inexpensive, easy to use and produces acceptable results.

This article assumes that anyone interested in a web site is interested in probably selling something, a good or service, using the internet as a means to accomplish that goal. The goal of this article is to explore a few of the basic concepts involved in developing a website and getting it into Google, Dogpile, Bing, Lycos, Altavista or any number of other search engines and directories.

Website Registration, Website Hosting

To get started in the web business, a potential web site owner must first purchase a domain from a registrar or an authorized agen” and once it is registered, that domain belongs exclusively to whomever it is registered. Virtually any company hosting web sites, will simplify the process. An online article, Top 10 Web Hosting — Best Web Hosts 2010, has surveyed the field and found that inexpensive web hosting services can be easily found for less than $10 per month with a range of from $1.99 per month to $8.95 per month, depending upon services rendered.

Of course, prior to being registered, the owner in this process would have picked out a name to facilitate the ease for search engines to locate, categorize and index the site. The yearly cost to maintain a domain name is typically about $10 per year.

Basic Web Design

There are numerous, inexpensive web design programs available as well as web hosting firms that will allow average, non technical people to literally fill in the blanks on an online web page template. This will allow a user to develop a basic web site within a few minutes, without ever having to worry about the magic letters http.

It is possible to extend website capabilities, to do more, however, requires a bit more time, study and interest. Most business people would be mostly interested in only a web site’s economic & marketing capabilities. Microsoft provides relatively inexpensive and easy to use web design software.

What is Google, Bing, etc. and Who Cares?

Often those new to the web, wonder about search engines and how they work. Frankly, they exist, they’re important and beyond that, they really don’t matter. What is important is that Google and other search engines are the programs that bring paying customers to someone’s web site.

If a web site is optimized for a search engine with appropriately placed keywords, title, index pages, etc, the chances are much higher that customers will find the site and use it to make purchases. If the web pages are designed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind, it is more likely that engines will index the pages and make it easier for people to find that web site. SEO seems like an arcane art, however, it is possible for a neophyte to actually make their web site more accessible to search engines. For most however, it’s best to leave this type of marketing up to the experts and merely pay a monthly fee.

eCommerce on the Cheap

Purchases of goods and/or services are typically made through e Commerce software which can be purchased, provided by fee based e Commerce sites or provided free from service providers, such as, Paypal. Paypal provides a fee based service depending upon the transaction value. If the value of the goods that are sold on the site carry a high gross margin, then paying the 3%-3.5% that Paypal charges is well worth it.

One key advantage with Paypal: the web site is not charged any fee unless a transaction has been recorded. A second advantage is that the personal and confidential information of anyone on the web site is guarded by and handled through Paypal, absolving the web site owner of any privacy responsibilities.

Making an eCommerce Web Site Work

Many potential web site owners plan and plan and ultimately lose the impetus to jump in with both feet and just do business. A web site is fluid. It can be changed almost instantly. It can be improved and optimized. It is certainly possible for a business person to register and have an eCommerce web site up and operational within 24 hours. It is inexpensive, but there are costs attached, not the least of which is time. If a business owner has been thinking about this for some time, perhaps it’s best to just jump in and make it happen.


Google Analtyics For SEO

Google Analytics help one learn about where the visitors come from and the nature of interaction. This information will be valuable for writing better ads and SEO

Google Analytics (GA), simply stated, is a website tracking tool that helps introducing a tracking code into the websites.

“Google Analytics (abbreviated GA) is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. Its main highlight is that the product is aimed at marketers as opposed to webmasters and technologists from which the industry of web analytics originally grew” – (Source: Wikipedia).

How to set up Google Analytics

The main purpose of Google Analytics is to generate productive keywords which are search engine friendly. Therefore, it must be set well before implementation. Setting up Google Analytics does not call for any technical expertise. The entire process consists of a few easy steps:

  • Go to and click Analytics
  • Click add website profiles
  • Enter website address into the field
  • http:// or the hyper text protocol is already there.
  • The code automatically seen in the picture provided.
  • Click on the code and hold down control and hit A to select all of the text.
  • Hold down control and hit C to copy the text to the clipboard
  • Visit website or blog and paste the code.
  • Go back to your Google Analytics account and click finish.


Many marketing experts argue that Google Analytics is the tool designed for internet marketers who work on specific tags and search engine friendly keywords to bring out the best productive results. On the contrary, webmasters deny this claim and argue that Google Analytics does not support SEO. According to them, Google Analytics only supports effective website traffic analysis which a webmaster needs the most while producing a website.

But Google has its own opinion. According to Google Google Analytics provides a collaborative platform to internet marketers and webmasters who work on minute details of effective search engine optimization.

Google Analytics for Search Engine Marketing Professionals

Google Analytics offers a plethora of remarkable features not only for site owners but also for all types of users including advertising and search engine marketing professionals and content developers.

Once the Google Analytics tracking code is pasted onto each of the website pages, tracking commences instantly. It is indeed possible to track all ads, email newsletters, paid links, and keywords on Google and other search engines. It facilitates grouping all relevant information on a custom Dashboard for email purposes.

Another unique feature is buying keywords on Google AdWords and use Google Analytics to know the most productive keywords. Google Analytics throws out valuable information regarding how visitors search the site, what visitors look for, and where visitors finally end up. There is e-commerce tracking that traces transactions to campaigns and keywords and identifies revenue sources. Thus it provides a real boost to search engine marketing.

Limitations of Google Analytics for SEO

Web specialists contend Google Analytics does not help Search Engine optimization. There are three fundamental limitations and the first one pertains to page tagging technology, as the program is capable of recording information only on browsers that execute JavaScript.

Secondly, users bemoan that there is no support to log files. Log file analysis opposes page tagging and the best part about log analysis is in the filters one can build. It is unfortunate that Google Analytics does not permit uploading log files as other applications do. If this feature is built in, then it would make a world of difference to Google Analytics.

The third limitation is when reports are accessed online via the Google Analytics interface the data cannot be easily be taken or efficiently archived. Regrettably, Google exercises permanent control over the data. The apprehension is if Google changes the interface or the manner of reporting, the user will be at Google’s mercy.

It is of course known to many that Google acquired Urchin and re-branded it as Google Analytics. Google Analytics can not be out rightly dismissed as an ineffective tool except for the fact it is a tool that does fully address the needs of serious search marketers.


How to Build An Internet Business With SEO

Wondering how to drive interested customers to that newly created website? Want the secret to success? Build an Internet business with SEO.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process used by a website owner to increase the amount and quality of visitors to his or her website through organic (unpaid) search methods within the search engines. As with any business, it pays to spend some time researching before launching any advertising or marketing campaign. This is perhaps more true when building a business online. The World Wide Web is a highly competitive marketplace and continues its bountiful expansion on a daily basis.

How to Build an Internet Business With SEO

When marketing a business online the goal is to drive an abundance of qualified traffic to the business website. Qualified traffic consists of visitors who come to the website based on the keywords or keyword phrase they typed into the search box. They arrive at the website already primed – they are targeted traffic with specific needs. It is therefore crucial that a business owner know for what his or her potential customers are searching.

An undeniable aspect of effective SEO is winning over the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing (formerly MSN), with most of the focus on Google since they currently hold nearly 86% of the search engine market. How does one go about winning the confidence of the search engines, especially a giant like Google?

Looking at Google as an example; one of the keys to achieving first page search results status is with a page ranking. For Google, the more relevant the content of the site is to the search terms used, the higher up the website is likely to land on the search results page. After the website has been submitted to Google, search engine “spiders” will crawl the site for indexing purposes. Once the website has been indexed Google will assign a page rank for the site. This can take up to several months to be completed.

The page rank assigned by Google is based on primarily three criteria:

Design and Content of the Website – useful, information-rich, and describes the content of the site clearly and accurately; text links and site maps; the use of keywords and keyword phrases throughout the website – particularly in the title and description of the page (Google loves this); no broken links and accurate HTML.

Technical Guidelines Followed – the use of a text browser such as Lynx to look at the site; allow search bots to crawl the site without impediment; test the site for correct appearance in different browsers.
Quality – make the website pages valuable to the user (Google’s number one concern); no “black hat” methods for SEO; no irrelevant keywords; avoid duplicate content on multiple pages.

These are a handful of things Google will use to assign a page rank to a website. See Google’s Webmaster Tools for more detailed information.

Another way to boost a website’s image and importance in the eyes of the search engines, especially Google, is the use of “backlinks.” These are simply links to the website that are placed on other websites, blogs, forums, and social networking sites that will take the user back to the website to which the links belong. Every time a user clicks on one of these backlinks, it is like getting a “vote” for that website to which the link is directed.

Keyword Research Training

One of the secrets to highly successful SEO is keyword research. Unfortunately a lot of online business coaches may prompt their clients to hunt down hundreds of keywords for their website, but few will give them any true keyword research training.

Keyword research is not just about the keywords, it’s about getting into the prospect’s head. It is all about finding what it is that users are searching for and how that relates to a business owner’s website and the products or services offered.

Wondering how to get inside a potential customer’s head? Once again, the Internet itself provides the solution; blogs, discussion forums, social media networks – visit them and find out what people are feeling, thinking, and buying. Listen to their experiences and learn. This is also an excellent way to size up the competition.

Using a keyword research tool such as Nichebot Classic or WordTracker, is a tremendous time saver. These tools also offer other helpful information such as alternative keyword suggestions. It is beneficial to find the right correlation between the number of monthly searches a keyword phrase gets and how much competition exists already for that keyword; this information is provided by online research tools.

SEO and Keyword Research – A Winning Combination

Online business owners who take the time to learn how to implement effective SEO and perform thorough keyword research, will be a step ahead of the competition. The combination of these two powerful tools will hasten the success of any Internet marketing campaign.